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Mon – Thurs 

Lunch & Dinner 11:00am - 11pm

 Kitchen closes at 10pm

Sat: 9am to Midnight
Kitchen closes at 11pm

Sun 9:00am – 9:00pm

Attitude Adjustment
2:00 PM to 6:00 PM


Customized Catering & Take Out
Just Call or Fax


4750 North Central Avenue
Phoenix AZ  85012

Phone:    602-274-2828
Fax:    602-274-3232
E-Mail:   Maizies@Cox.net
Webmaster:   info@badarmadillo.com


  • Lunch: Parking in front of the building south of us will be restricted due to the new occupancy for the majority of the building. In addition to the five spaces available to us directly in front of our restaurant, there exists considerable parking on Pierson St. and the adjacent parking lot on the north side.
  • Dinner: The majority of the business’ in our building and the south building close by 6pm at which time spaces become available.
  • There are an additional three spaces available to Maizie’s guests along the north side of The Landmark Towers. The last three spaces to the West are marked “Maizie’s Customers Only.”
  • Anytime: First street on the west side of The Landmark Towers is always wide open and is a short walk to our front door. This could be used in the unlikely event that sufficient parking was not available on Pierson.