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Menu Evolution

When looking at the constantly changing and diverse menu presented by Maizie’s Café & Bistro, it’s hard to imagine the days when the Phoenix eatery was just a wine and cheese shop—but that’s exactly how they got started. Taking a cue from the wishes of their patrons, Maizie’s has evolved steadily from those days to encompass the eclectic selection of food, wine, and beer currently available.

Guests looking for lighter fare can still find a wide assortment of appetizers and salads, with innovative menu choices like the Sonoran Chicken Salad, featuring spicy grilled chicken breast, tortilla strips, roasted bell peppers, and jalapeno ranch dressing—or the absolutely addictive Wingless Buffalo Dip, made from grilled and shredded chicken baked till bubbling with a blend of cheeses and red-hot buffalo sauce.

The menu has its share of classics—seasonal bruschettas, the ubiquitous Caesar salad, a traditional cheeseburger, and several pasta dishes—but all nod in their own subtle ways to the influence of Chef Matt Higdon’s imagination. Amongst the traditional choices, Maizie’s has an almost overwhelming selection of menu options that more boldly announce the Café’s flair for creativity and diversity: build-your-own-pizzas, rootbeer floats, half a chili barbecued chicken, and a series of “Inside Out” burgers (the menu reads, “Everything that usually goes on top, goes inside!”) that are every bit as fun to eat as they are delicious.

To compliment your meal, look no further than Maizie’s extensive wine and beer menu, featuring local, seasonal selections and a rotating (often unusual) variety of choices both by the bottle and on tap. If a cocktail is more up your alley, you can expect to find plenty of fun alternatives to the more common options, such as a bacon Bloody Mary, blood orange Cosmo, or jalapeño margarita. The staff at Maizie’s are also often more than happy to share their personal favorites or make recommendations.

Perhaps most exciting are the endless array of specials and seasonal features offered by the restaurant. Guests can

expect that pretty much any day they drop by, something new and tasty will have been whipped up in the kitchen for the day. Weekly specials such as “Monday Burger Madness” (featuring $4 burgers and fries) or “Pizza Tuesday” make it feel like every day is an important day at Maizie’s. Ongoing wine and beer-of-the-month promotions give patrons an excuse to try something new, and deals on take-home bottles of wine let you extend your dining experience well after you finish your evening meal.

With such a diverse, fun, and customer-driven eating experience, diners can guarantee that no matter what time of day or day of the week, there is always something to offer at Maizie’s café.


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